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Our company headquarters are situated in the beautiful village Loutro of Elassona, in the roots of the mountain range of Kamvounia. Since 1964 we daily follow the work of our parents in the domain of the traditional costume, trying to approach the authenticity of those costumes-as much is that possible, by continuously visiting the Folkloric Museums of Greece and by studying old original costumes which are in position of numerous citizens.

The goal of our company is to create haut-couture traditional costumes, similar in style and resemblance with the authentic primal costumes of every area and region as is described in history. Our guide in this effort is our long-lasting experience in the domain of garment and the love for our rich tradition and culture. This culture exists in abundance in our folkloric tradition and in our customs.

We always provide our customers materials, sewing and finish that has nothing to envy of the authentic traditional costumes of our history. We use methods which allow complicated patterns and shapes in the seams, which give a sense of prestige and majesty in our costumes.




We provide all these to people who look for quality. We keep all the standards in the creation of costumes, we deliver them on time and we offer special prices.

We believe in what we do, we love it and we reproduce with faith and pride of our national heritage