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For us, nations that cut themselves off their roots and heritage, they actually forget their past, present and future. In this cold era of globalization and isolation, it’s a good idea to keep the traditions and customs of our nation alive, in order not to loosen up our national consciousness and identity. The constant crisis and the rejection of the national values are not a good advisor to any of us. Therefore it’s good to get away from this impersonal way of living and also the foreign influences and  return to our roots.

We are trying to do our job with passion and respect to our eternal values of our culture and create traditional costumes of high quality and authentic beauty.

We ourselves were raised with morality and customs, which made us proud of our history. So our goal is to perpetuate these historical values which exist in abundance and uncompromisingly in our nature and our cultural heritage. We continue therefore the long-standing course of our parents not only in the domain of the classic costume but also in the domain of the traditional costume. We provide to our clients the best quality of materials-fabrics, seams, finish and needlework. We have completely modernized our company with the most up-to-date sewing machines, steam irons, latest technology cutting machines and embroidery machines. We also create costumes which are totally hand-made.

Our goal is not to let our rich culture and our tradition to be assimilated by the constantly bigger pressure of the western civilisation.On the contrary we try to promote this culture and tradition to all over the world. Lets not forget that we(the Greeks), live in a country which is the cradle of civilization and the country which gave birth and promoted the democratic values to the whole world.